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No shower or physical activity

After your appointment you need to stay away from any activities that will make you sweat or where you can become wet. It is very important that you stay away from this until your tan is fully developed. Which is 2-5 hours for rapid and 8-12 hours for classic.

First shower after spray

The time is finally there where your tan is fully developed and it's time for your first shower after the appointment. It is VERY important that you do not use any kind of soap for this shower (No shampoo, conditioner or body wash ++) ONLY water. What you see coming off in the shower is only the bronzer that was used as a guide color in the solution. No need to panic - your tan is not coming off! When you get out of the shower, you pat yourself dry with a towel. After this, you can shower as normal with Shower Glow body wash or an oil free body wash.


For your tan to last as long as possible, you need to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize - This is VERY important. It needs to be an oil-free moisturizer. Skin Glow light tan extender and Velvet soft moisturizing cream are both amazing for this!

Avoid steam rooms and long showers

Hot water and steam will cause your skin to loosen the hold on the skin. Shower Glow body wash is a DHA infused body wash that will make your tan look and last longer.

Extend your tan

Tan Restore Sunless Tanning is perfect a few days after getting a spray to make the tan last longer and fade nicer. Or just as beautiful alone. Tan restore can be used for face and body - After application you should not shower or get wet for 8 hours.

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Shower, scrub and shave/wax your body the night before your appointment. Do NOT use any soap or other products containing oil. Deep Clean pecan shell exfoliant is a soft scrub that is amazing and leaves your body feeling smooth and fresh and ready for a spray.

No deo, perfume ++

Do not put on any perfume, deodorant or any sort of hygiene products before your appointment. If you do have it on, let us know so we can remove it before we start your spray.


If you have to take a shower the same day, it needs to be done at least 5 hours before your appointment. Do NOT use soap containing oil and no Dove products.



Moisturize your body lightly after scrubbing it (no oil product). Velvet soft moisturizing cream is recommended for this - it will leave your body feeling healthy and moisturized. Do NOT do this same day as appointment.


Loose clothing

Wear dark, loose clothing after your appointment. That way you dont have to worry about any bronzer getting on your light clothes.

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