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Renate is our spraytan expert. She is certified in Europe and the US. As a technician she focuses highly on promoting vegan and high quality products. She has an eye for detail, which also means she is a perfectionist when it comes to her work.

She knew early on that she wanted to be in the beauty industry and started her first job in the industry over 10 years ago. She got her cosmetology license in Europe and while living in Australia she worked as a brow and lash technician, as well as doing hair.

 Being raised in Northern Europe we started early on using tanning beds and there is no secret that the UV-rays is damaging for your skin and cause faster aging and a lot of other problems. Which has led her to today where she now promotes sunless tanning to get that extra sun-kissed beach glow - without being exposed to dangerous UV-rays.

As a mixed person getting her color from her Asian side she used to believe that spray tan was not for her. She believed that the only way she could get a color was from being in the sun or in a tanning bed. But once she started working with airbrush tanning she quickly learned, that was not the case. She is now a big advocate for spraytan being for everyone - no matter the color, shape or size. As anyone will benefit from it.

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